Laura Puy Muguiro published an article last Wednesday on the Navarra journal on Vanessa Garde’s latest works.

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The article revolves around the challenges that composer Vanesa Garde had to face to score Venus, Jaume Balagueró latest horror film that premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and A Private Affair, and adventure series that premieres on Amazon Prime next friday starred by Aura Garrido and Jean Reno. 

Both scores represented a challenge for Garde since Venus was her first attempt to write a horror score and A Private Affair demanded a broad musical palette, where mixing a classical line-up with different genres such as funk or pop music was needed.

Star Wars Concert Poster

“I really wanted to collaborate with Jaume” – says Garde while sharing her experience on Venus – “on this horror and violent film”. “To me Jaume is a benchmark in my career”…”he has a lot of criteria and is very ambitious and detail oriented when it comes to the score, he knows what he wants”…”he doesn’t settle easily and these kind of challenges are the drive I need to grow as a composer”.

Venus’ visual language diverges completely from A Private Affair´s, an adventure series that constantly mixes mystery and comedy. “Marina” says Garde, “made me explore lots of different styles based on her childhood’s dreams”. Its score skillfully mixes the colors of the orchestra with drums, basses, folklore instruments and epic brass sections for the action cues. “It was a very enjoyable project to work on” declares the composer.

If you want to read the whole article you can find it below.