On September 24th, the San Sebastian Film Festival served as the stage for the premiere of the documentary “While You’re Still You.” Directed by Claudia Pinto Emperador and featuring an original score composed by Vanessa Garde, the film delves into the story of actress Carme Elías and her battle against Alzheimer’s.

This documentary chronicles the poignant journey of Carme Elías, who made her Alzheimer’s diagnosis public in March 2022. Filmmaker Claudia Pinto, a close friend of Elías, documented every phase of her battle with a luminous and humanistic perspective.

The documentary explores profound subjects such as identity, art, love, family, and professional career, offering a distinctive and heartfelt insight into Elías’s struggle against the erosion of her consciousness. The film presents itself as a living and ever-evolving testimonial, where the boundaries between fiction and reality blur, extending a heartfelt invitation to embrace the present.

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The original score of “While You’re Still You”, composed by Vanessa Garde and performed by the Budapest Art Orchestra, accompanies the documentary, weaving a tapestry of emotive melodies and textures that enrich the narrative.

Produced by Sin Rodeos Films C.A, Nakamura Films, and TV3, this new documentary by Claudia Pinto is scheduled for release in Spanish cinemas later this year.

Further details about these premiere can be found on the Spanish Television website.