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Vanessa Garde has released a soundtrack album for the horror feature film.

The album features the composer’s original hybrid score and is now available to stream/download on Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube Music, Deezer, and many more platforms.

Venus is directed by Jaume Balagueró, produced by Pokeepsie Films and The Fear Collection and stars Ester Expósito, Inés Fernández and Ángela Cremonte.

Venus Poster


Go-go dancer Lucía, on the run with a stash of pills and hunted by mobsters, takes sanctuary in an apartment block with sister Rocío and niece Alba only to find out that malevolent supernatural forces are at play in the building. Horror invades the concrete corridors of a cursed apartment complex on the outskirts of Madrid.



Music production: Vanessa Garde

Sound design and modular electronic programming: Carles Delgado

Orchestration: Nereal Alberdi and Vanessa Garde

Mixing Engineer: José Luis Crespo

Music edits and composer’s assistant: Lucía Vázquez Montenegro

Mixing Assistant: Nicolás Tsabertidis

Sopranos: Miriam Zubieta and Boglárka Pejsik

Tenor: Viktor Papp

Piano: Vanessa Garde

Soprano Recording Studio:Euridia (Bilbao)

Recording Engineer: Iron Larruzea

Orchestra: Budapest Art Orchestra

Choir: Budapest Art Choir

Conductor: Peter Pejtsik

Orchestra’s and Choir’s Recording Studio: East Connection Music Recording Co., Studio 22

ProTools Engineer: Miklos Lukacs SR.

Recording Engineer: Gabor Buczko

Recording Producer: Micklos Lukacs

Mixing Studio: AdHoc Studios (Madrid)

AdHoc Studios Manager: Javier Valdés

Music superviors and production coordinators: Lourdes Hernández, Claudia Pons and Álex Navarro

Composer’s Office: JUNY Film Composers

Special Thanks to Arnau Bataller