In the latest “Under-the-Radar Round Up 2023” on, Vanessa Garde’s score for “Ocho Apellidos Marroquís” takes the spotlight.

The feature film, the third installment in the popular Spanish comedy film series, introduces a captivating blend of humor, romance, and familial discovery as the characters embark on a journey to Essaouira in Morocco. Directed by Álvaro Fernández Armero, the film quickly became a box office sensation in Spain upon its December 2023 release.

According to the critic Jonathan Broxton, Garde infuses the score with a blend of Western orchestra and North African instruments, reflecting the movie’s Moroccan setting. The result is a captivating 33-minute soundtrack featuring exotic lyricism, mysterious undertones, and a recurring theme that weaves through the entire composition. From the energetic caper vibes in tracks like “No Me Mate” and “Helicóptero” to the romantic tones of “Siempre Me Arrepentí” and “Hacer Cosas Tan Bonitas,” Garde’s skill shines through. The inclusion of Arabic vocals in “Essaouira” adds authenticity, creating a unique auditory experience. “Ocho Apellidos Marroquís” marks Vanessa Garde’s impressive contribution to film scoring, showcasing her ability to blend diverse musical elements seamlessly. The soundtrack is available for download and streaming on various platforms, allowing listeners to immerse themselves in Garde’s musical storytelling.

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