The new Daniela Fejerman film, Mamá no Enredes, starring Malena Alterio, released in theaters on July 1st.           

Mamá No Enredes, the feature film directed by Daniela Fejerman and produced by tornasol media with original score by Vanessa will be released today, July 1st, in Spanish theaters. 

The film tells the story of Clara, mother of two teenagers, a woman who is open to experience new things and decides to create a profile on TILINK, a dating app. 

What goes through the mind of a twentysomething when he comes across his own mother’s profile on Tilink, the trendy dating app? Yes, his mother is still young. Yes, she has divorced his father and has the right to rebuild her life, but… does she really know what Tilink is? The app is filled with sex snipers that are only going to use her and dump her right away. Filled with men like… himself. 

Dani and her sister Milena will embark on this delirious adventure of boycotting their mother’s flirts, and will go to hell when she starts a more serious relationship with an Argentine young man, convinced that he will only make her suffer. But these brothers’ strategies will only backfire, there will be more and more men in their mother’s life and nothing will turn out as they expect.

Llegaron de Noche Soundtrack Album

YEAR 2022

DIRECTED BY Daniela Fejerman

SCREENPLAY BY Daniela Fejerman

CAST Malena Alterio, Eva Ugarte, Antonio Pagudo, Sofía Oria, Óscar Ortuño, Juan Grandinetti, Ben Temple, Antonio Garrido, María Castro




Music production: Vanessa Garde

Orchestration, arrangements and additional programming: Joaquim Badia

Orchestration: Nerea Alberdi

Sound Design and Electronic Programming: Carles Delgado

Recording Engineer: Carlos Lillo

Mixing Engineer: José Luis Crespo

Mixing Assistant: Nicolás Tsabertidis

Score preparation and copist: Laura Beele

Trumpet and Flügel: Patxi Urchegui

Saxophone and Clarinet: Sergio Bienzobas

Tuba: Mario Torrijo

Violins: Lyrit Milgram

Guitars and plucked strings: Ovidio López

Bandoneon: Claudio Constantini

Pianos: Daniel García Diego

Bass: Reinier Elizarde Ruano

Drums: Andrés Litwin

Percussion: Luis Dulzaides

Band Recording Studio: Camaleón Studios (Madrid)

Recording Assistant: Frank Lozano Peñalver

Camaleón Studios Manager: Shayan Gathi

Brass Recording Studio: Rimshot Studio (Pozuelo, Madrid)

Rimshot Studios Manager: Carlos Lillo

Mixing Studio: AdHoc Studios (Madrid)

AdHoc Studios Manager: Javier Valdés