The new suspense series by Ramón Campos, Teresa Fernández-Valdés, Gema R. Neira, David Pinillos and María Ripoll will premiere on Amazon Prime Video on September 16

Set in the late 1940s in Galicia, a daring young upper-class woman with a detective’s soul, Marina Quiroga (Aura Garrido), hunts down a serial killer who has been terrorizing the city for months. 

Her faithful butler, Hector (Jean Reno), a discreet and helpful man whose insight and audacity always places him at the key point of the investigation, will help her uncover the truth behind all these mysterious murders.

Official series Poster

Vanessa Garde gave us a sneak peak of the OST: 

“The soundtrack accompanies the daring and fast-paced adventures of Marina and her butler, Héctor; using the orchestra for the most whispered investigations to the most threatening action chases. 

The general score also displays more emotional and intimate pieces such as the one that portrays Marina´s childhood when dreaming of becoming a police officer. 

This wish inspired a very colorful soundtrack that also includes funk and pop elements and the use of cimbaloms and very peculiar plucked string instruments. 

For me, it has been an expansive musical journey and, in some way, reminded me that all the dreams that we carry as children can be materialized and accomplished, either in musical terms, or in any aspect of your personal story. 

So now, Marina’s adventure is also yours. Enjoy it!”

Official Series trailer