Renowned Navarran composer Vanessa Garde recently sat down for an exclusive interview with Noticias de Navarra, sharing insights into her musical journey and the forthcoming Berlanga Award she is set to receive for her outstanding work on the ‘Kepler Sexto B’ soundtrack.

From her musical upbringing in Villafranca to studying in Madrid and finding her niche in film scoring, Garde reflects on her diverse experiences, noting the impact of streaming platforms on the film industry and acknowledging the growing recognition of Spanish productions.

During the interview, Garde describes her versatile approach to the composition process, where she collaborates with either scripts or completed films. The interview delves into her appreciation for industry acknowledgment, emphasizing how such recognition serves as inspiration for emerging musicians.

Consistently, Garde underscores the significance of having a support system, recognizing the solitude of her work but crediting family, friends, and her partner for grounding her in the midst of her demanding profession.

The interview succinctly portrays Vanessa’s journey, highlighting her commitment and the influence of her music on the cinematic realm.

The full article is available online in Spanish on the following link.


Diario de Navarra