The government of Navarra has recognized the filmmaker Puy Oria Rubio (Torres del Río, 1962) with the ‘Francisco de Javier’ 2022 award for her extensive career in the film industry and her work promoting the Foral Community, through films shot in Navarra.

The President of Navarra, María Chivite, presented the award to Oria this afternoon in Madrid, during a ceremony held at the Spanish Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences.

Ocho Apellidos Marroquís Poster

Vanessa Garde has interpreted, in the musical parrt of the act, the work ‘Erronkari’; a piece from the original soundtrack of ‘La boda de Rosa’ directed by Iciar Bollaín, both of her authorship;; and a song from the “Bienvenido Mr. Marshall” soundtrack composed in 1953 by Jesús García Leoz for this Luis García Berlanga film.

Here you can access the complete note from the EFE news agency and here, the one from the Navarrese government. Below you will find a video that briefly portrays the event.