Composer Vanessa Garde´s soundtrack for the Spanish police thriller television series is being released today on all major digital music streaming services. Starring Adriana Ugarte, Blanca Portillo and Iván Massagué, the show was originally released on Amazon Prime Video on 28 May 2021.

The album features a selection of the series’ original score and artists such as Javier Romero on the cello, Yorrick Troman and Yuri Rapoport on the violins and the Budapest Arts Orchestra.

Here’s the album track list:

  1. Sentencia
  2. Lago
  3. Secuestro y explosión
  4. Coqueteo
  5. Infancia
  6. Hero e Isabel
  7. Avance
  8. Flashback
  9. Encuentro en el bosque
  10. Nieto receptivo
  11. Intento de escape
  12. Haro en casa ajena

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Music production: Vanessa Garde

Sound Design: Carles Delgado

Soloist Violins: Yuri Rapoport and Yorick Troman

Soloist Viola: Álvaro Gallego

Soloits Cello: Javier Romero

Additional Programming: Johnathan Booy

Composer’s Assistant: Ana Linares

Additional Mixing: José Luis Crespo

Orchestra: Budapest Arts Orchestra

Orchestra´s Conductor: Peter Pejtsik

Orchestra’s Studio: East Connection Music Recording Co., Studio 22

ProTools Engineer: Miklos Lukacs SR.

Recording Engineer: Gabor Buczko

Recording Producer: Miklos Lukacs

Album Mastering: Fran Paredes

Suite orchestrator: Laura Beele

Composer’s Office: JUNY Film Composers

Music superviors and production coordinators: Lourdes Hernández and Claudia Pons