The new Fernando García-Ruiz film, Odio el Verano, starring Malena Alterio, Kira Miró, Julián López and Roberto Álamo has a taeser trailer and a relase date.

Odio el Verano, a Telecinco Cinema family comedy directed by Fernando García-Ruiz and produced by Sony Pictures Spain and Mediaset has its trailer and confirmed release date. Its soundtrack, composed by Vanessa Garde, accompanies this comedy where a family has an unwanted yet unforgettable holiday.

This comedy entangles the lives of Alonso (a janitor; Roberto Álamo) and Marisa (a tarot reader; Malena Alterio), Torres and Fátima (owners of a delicatessen; Jordi Sánchez and María Botto), and Calatrava (a plastic surgeon; Julián López) and Vicky (an influencer; Kira Miró). They have all booked an isolated house in the Canary Islands to spend the best vacation of their lives with their respective families. What they don’t know is that, due to an agency error, they have rented the same house. None of them is willing to give it up, and there aren’t many alternatives, so they are forced to share accommodations for the entirety of their vacation. The patent differences among each of its members turn those days into a chaotic series of amusing and unruly situations. Despite this, they have to learn to live together and understand all those different people… and themselves.

While waiting for the premiere scheduled for August the 23rd of this year, please enjoy its official teaser trailer.