The new Lucía Alemany film, Mari(dos), starring Paco León and Ernesto Alterio, will be released in theaters on March 10th.          

Mari(dos), the feature film directed by Lucía Alemany and produced by Telecinco Cinema and Think Studio with original score by Vanessa will be released on March 10th, in Spanish theaters. 

The film tells the story of Toni (Paco León) and Emilio (Ernesto Alterio) who, one morning, receive the same tragic phone call: their wives are in a coma after an avalanche at a ski resort. When they both show up at the admissions desk of the hospital, they make a startling discovery: their wives are actually the same person, Laura (Celia Freijeiro). For years, Laura has secretly led parallel lives, a wild roller coaster ride between her two families. Forced to live together until Laura wakes up, Emilio and Toni fight to prove which of the two is the most loving and suitable husband.

Mari(dos) poster

YEAR 2023

DIRECTED BY Lucía Alemany

SCREENPLAY BY Pablo Alén and Breixo Corral

CAST Paco León, Ernesto Alterio, Celia Freijeiro, Raúl Cimas, Emma Hernández, Lucía Gómez, María Córdoba, Kirill Bunegin and Marta Costa


Vanessa’s words on scoring Mari(dos)

“The creation of Mari(dos)’score has been a project that I have really enjoyed working on. The score features harmonicas, guitars, banjos, whistles, brass instruments and double basses without ever losing the orchestral essence that surrounds the entire film. It is not a “typical” comedy, per se, but has a western “twist” to it, paying homage to the language of mourning, with a personal brand and stamp. The film moves a lot between comedy, mystery, even some epic moments and the most intimate and emotional situations, which illustrate the relationship between the children and the protagonists, making us feel like we’re a part of their personal “journey”. Undoubtedly, the public will enjoy watching and listening to this fun and emotional journey where the music serves as a common thread.”


Score and music production: Vanessa Garde

Orchestration, arrangements and additional programming: Joaquim Badia

Orchestration: Alexander Nikoleit

Composer’s assistant: Lucía Vázquez Montenegro

Mixing Engineer: Mikel Krutzaga

Harmonica: Diego Villegas Gomez

Guitars: Ludovico Vagnone

Banjo: Oliver Martín de la Cruz

Trompet/Flugel: Patxi Urchegui

Saxophones/Flute: Sergio Bienzobas

Pianos/Voces: Joaquim Badia

Bass: Jose Vera

Drums: Toni Mateos

Band Recording Studio: Rimshot Recording Studio (Madrid)

Rimshot Studios Manager and Recording Eingeneer: Carlos Lillo

Orchestra: Budapest Art Orchestra

Orchestra’s Conductor: Daniel Dinyes

Orchestra’s Studio: East Connection Music Recording Co., Studio 22

ProTools Engineer: Miklos Lukacs SR.

Recording Engineer: Gabor Buczko

Recording Producer: Miklos Lukacs

Music superviors and production coordinators: Lourdes Hernández, Claudia Pons adn Álex Navarro

Composer’s Office: JUNY Film Composers

Original song “Mari2 Perdi2” composed and produced by Ludovico Vagnone and Vanessa Garde.