Kepler Sexto B, directed by Alejandro Suárez Lozano and produced by Turanga Films, has made its way to Spanish cinemas on June 16th. The OST Album is now available on digital audio streaming platforms.

On June 16th, the Spanish cinemas welcomed the release of “Kepler Sexto B,” a film directed by Alejandro Suárez Lozano and produced by Turanga Films. Led by the talented Karra Elejalde and Daniela Pezzotti, this movie brings to the screen a screenplay crafted by the director himself and Grete Suárez, transporting viewers into a mesmerizing world of imagination and deep emotions.

The film revolves around the story of Zaida, a lonely girl living in a humble neighborhood with her stepfather, and Jonás, an eccentric neighbor who finds refuge in his imagination, believing his apartment is a spaceship on the faraway planet of Kepler, where he envisions himself as a NASA astronaut. Their meeting leads to a special and extraordinary relationship, as they discover themselves, assist each other, and seek solace from life’s challenges.

Official Teaser Trailer

The film’s soundtrack features a mix of electronic music with piano, guitar, and a heartfelt string trio. This fusion of electronic and acoustic instruments creates a unique sonic landscape that immerses the audience in the movie’s world, heightening the emotional impact of the story.

You can listen to its music here and find its tracklist below:

01. Planeta Kepler (3:27)
02. El Diario de Orión (3:30)
03. Zai (1:15)
04. Los víveres decrecen (2:11)
05. Expedición a la sala de reactores (4:06)
06. Viene del futuro (2:12)
07. La tormenta radioactiva (0:52)
08. El recuerdo (2:56)
09. Plan Lázarus (1:20)
10. El álbum de Jonás (2:18)
11. La búsqueda de Zai (1:27)
12. Planetario (1:11)
13. La espera de Jonás (1:25)
14. Cuidados (2:47)
15. Ataque alienígena (2:12)
16. Lo único que me mantiene vivo (1:25)
17. Huída (0:27)
18. Epílogo (2:01)
19. Pedro (0:53)
20. Viaje en el tiempo (1:59)
21. El rescate (1:29)
22. Lázarus (2:13)

OST Credits

Composer and Music Production: Vanessa Garde

Sound Design and Modular Electronic Programming: Carles Delgado

Orchestration: Lucía Vázquez Montenegro, Vanessa Garde

Mixing Engineer: Fran Paredes

Assistant: Lucía Vázquez Montenegro

Solo Viola: Álvaro Gallego

Solo Cello: Javier Romero

Solo Violin: Yuri

Guitars: Ludovico Vagnone

Recording Engineer: Carlos Lillo

String Recording Studio: Rimshot Estudio (Pozuelo, Madrid)

OST Coordination: Claudia Pons, Lourdes Hernández, Alex Navarro

Composer’s Office: JUNY Film Composers