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Vanessa Garde has released a soundtrack album for the vampire comedy Hollyblood.

The album features the composer’s original score and is now available to stream/download on Spotify, YouTube Music and Deezer. The film score has been inspired by electronic music from the 70-80s, pop,rock and has even some choir and church organs in it.

Hollyblood is written by José Pérez Quinter and directed by Jesús Font. It is produced by La Canica Films, SUICA films and Quexito Films and stars Óscar Casas, Isa Montalbán and Jordi Sánchez. 

Hollyblood poster

The movie follows Javi, a perfectly ordinary teenager who doesn’t suspect that his crush on Sara might be reciprocated. Through a string of unforeseen events and misunderstandings, Sara comes to believe that Javi is in possession of supernatural powers. Everything gets complicated when the two of them, along with other classmates, must confront an ancient and evil threat that inhabits their high school. 

The feature film is being released in select theaters today so you might want to go get a crucifix and some stakes.

Enjoy the trailer until you get to see the movie.


Composer: Vanessa Garde

Music production and sound design: Carles Delgado

Recording and Mixing Engenieer: José Luis Crespo

Music Editing and Composer’s Assistants: Belén Vives Velo de Antelo

Mixing Assistant: Nicolás Tsabertidis

Guitars: Caerles Delgado

Mixing Studio: Ad Hoc Studios (Madrid)

Ad Hoc Studios Manager: Javier Valdés

Music Supervisor & Consultant: Lourdes Hernández

Composer’s Office: JUNY Film Composers