The Association of Women Filmmakers and Audiovisual Media of Spain (CIMA) has launched the third edition of its mentoring program, where twenty rising female professionals in creative, technical, and artistic audiovisual disciplines will be provided with individualized guidance from experienced mentors in their respective fields for a duration of nine months.

This new edition is being held with the support of Netflix and the Spanish Institute of Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts (ICAA) of the Spanish Ministry of Culture and Sports, through the European Next Generation funds received by the CIMA IMPULSA program. The initial in-person gathering of all participants, who in this edition are women aged between 23 and 57, was held today, November 8th at the Goethe Institut in Madrid.

Vanessa has had the pleasure of being among the mentors who will participate in this edition. They include Alana Mejía (cinematography), Anna R. Costa (screenwriting), Anna Solanas (animation direction), Azucena Baños (editing), Belén Bernuy (production), Carlota Pereda (fiction direction), Estíbaliz Urresola (fiction direction), Isabel Coixet (fiction direction), Isabel Royán (composition), María del Puy Alvarado (production), Mercedes Gamero (production), Neus Ballús (documentary direction), Pilar Sánchez Díaz (cinematography), Raquel Fernández Núñez (cinematography), Sofi Escudé (editing), Vanessa Marimbert (editing), Virginia García del Pino (documentary direction), and Yasmina Praderas (post-production).

Twenty professionals were chosen from a pool of 180 participants for this groundbreaking initiative, where women provide mentorship to others in various specialties, ages, and geographic locations. Almudena Carracedo emphasizes its role in empowering emerging professionals, cultivating community, establishing networks of mutual support, and working towards gender parity in the industry by 2025.

Cristina Andreu, CIMA’s president, highlights that the program reflects the objective of achieving a gender balance (50/50) by 2025, supporting women’s careers in all fields, be it technical/artistic or content creation. She stresses the significance of the female perspective in the audiovisual realm to foster a fairer society, ensuring that all women in the sector can pursue their work on equal footing with men.

If you happen to be interested in this mentorship program, you can find more information for next year’s edition here.