On Thursday, November 2nd, the National Film Academy organized a successful and well-attended instructive workshop as part of the “Cinematic Professions” series. It aimed to take participants on a journey through the various roles within the realm of filmmaking, offering insight into the essence of each profession and how these careers have evolved over the years.

The event featured composer Vanessa Garde, music mixer José Luis Crespo, and sound editing supervisor Paloma Huelin. Their focus was on the composition, recording, and mixing processes of music for cinema from a sound perspective. Guests discussed their work in films such as “Explota, Explota” by Nacho Álvarez, “Mientras seas Tú” by Claudia Pinto, and “Venus” by Jaume Balagueró. The event was skillfully moderated by Luis Ivars, an academic and board member specializing in music, President of the Audiovisual Alliance, and a Vocal member of Musimagen.

The sould-out seminar was organized in collaboration with APSA, the Audiovisual Alliance, and Musimagen.

We hoped you could attend and enjoyed the talk. See you next time!