The new dark comedy feature film by Juana Macías is out today, November 10th, in every Spanish theater. And so is the Original Soundtrack Album on audio streaming platforms!

With a script from Cristóbal Garrido and Adolfo Valor, and produced by Zeta Producciones, the movie unfolds the tale of the Gallardo family, a wealthy clan that spends their summers at a meticulously maintained country house overseen by the beloved Tata, Amparito. Following the somber news of her passing, the three siblings—Teresa, Benja, and Aura—return to their childhood small town to bid farewell and meet Tomás, the late Amparito’s only son.

However, the narrative takes an unforeseen twist when they learn of Amparito’s final wish to be laid to rest in the family mausoleum—a request swiftly denied by the Gallardo family. In the wake of their refusal, they inherit Amparito’s legacy: personalized letters addressed to each of the three siblings that will unveil many secrets.

Featuring a cast including Inma Cuesta, Sara Sálamo, Alfonso Bassave, Isabel Ordaz, Diego Martín, and Gonzalo de Castro, “The Favor” assures audiences a cinematic experience that seamlessly blends humor and drama on the grand screen.

The album features the composer’s original score and is now available to stream/download on Spotify, Youtube Music and Deezer.

We hope you enjoy the film and its score!

Official Soundtrack Album Cover


Score and music production: Vanessa Garde

Orchestration, arrangements and additional programming: Joaquim Badia

Orchestration: Nerea Alberdi, Vanessa Garde

Mixing Engineer: José Luis Crespo

Composer’s assistant/music editor: Lucía Vázquez Montenegro

Recording Assistant: Santi Quizpe

Mixing Assistant: Nicolas Tsabertidis

Guitars and plucks: Ovidio López

Bandoneón: Claudio Constantini

Piano: Vanessa Garde

Soprano’s Recording Studio: Small Room Studios

Orchestra: Budapest Art Orchestra

Orchestra’s Conductor: Andras Deak

Orchestra’s Studio: East Connection Music Recording Co., Studio 22

ProTools Engineer: Miklos Lukacs SR.

Recording Engineer: Gabor Buczko

Recording Producer: Miklos Lukacs

Mixing Studio: AdHoc Studios (Madrid)

AdHoc Studios Manager: Javier Valdés

Music superviors and production coordinators: Lourdes Hernández, Claudia Pons and Álex Navarro

Composer’s Office: JUNY Film Composers